Administrative Staff

Debbie Boileve
Executive Director

Debbie Boileve is beginning her thirteenth year as Executive Director of Cherry Preschool. Read more about Debbie.

Bea Douma
Admissions Director

Bea Douma has been part of the administrative team for the past 3 years as Admissions Director, but is also beginning her 18th year on the Cherry staff as a teacher. Read more about Bea.

Lynn Fiedler
Office Manager

Lynn Fiedler begins her tenth year in the office as Office Manager. Read more about Lynn.

Toni Goehring
Development Director

Toni Goehring is starting her sixth year as Cherry Preschool’s Development Director. Read more about Toni.

Maggie Hessler
Assistant Director

Maggie Hessler is beginning her 29th year at Cherry Preschool. Read more about Maggie.

Shirlene Ward
Financial Operations Manager

Shirlene Ward, Cherry’s Financial Operations Manager for the past 24 years, handles all the school’s bookkeeping, budget analysis and preparation, and generally anything that requires a spreadsheet. Read more about Shirlene.

Jenny York
Child Development and Inclusion Coordinator

Jenny York is starting her 3rd year as our Child Development and Inclusion Coordinator. Read more about Jenny.

Martha Belmonte

Read about Martha.


Beatriz Douma

Read about Beatriz.

Linda Messam

Read about Linda.

Karen Weine

Read about Karen.


Reyna Rojas

Read about Reyna.

Del Lord

Read about Del.

Magda Stojko

Read about Magda.


Michelle Wolf

Read about Michelle.

Sunita Jain

Read about Sunita.

Sarah Schoonyoung

Read about Sarah.


Thea Halvorson

Read about Thea.

Linda Kusel

Read about Linda.

Ann Herder

Read about Ann.

Annie Sutula

Read about Annie.

Angie Cora

Read about Angie.