Financial Assistance

An important part of Cherry Preschool’s community outreach effort is to make the preschool accessible to all families regardless of their ability to pay. Cherry Preschool does everything in its power to support its families and keep in school all children who are part of the preschool community.

All families are eligible to apply for financial assistance and decisions will be made following the Financial Assistance Policies set forth by the Cherry Preschool Board. Decisions are made by the Executive Director, Financial Manager and an Officer of the Board and all requests for assistance are kept confidential. Families are notified of their awards at the time of placement.

Please note that funds are initially allocated at the time of Winter/Spring Registration for the following school year and that funding for later applicants may not be available.  A waiting list is maintained for families who cannot be accommodated at the time of application, as changes do occur during the year.