Dear Families,

Welcome to the new school year! We are very eager to meet you and your child! The first day of school is such an exciting day! There is that sense that anything is possible. It is a time for much anticipated new beginnings.

Whether this is your child’s first year at Cherry Preschool or their last, there are some things you can do to help your child have a great start.

Be positive. Your own attitude toward school can influence your child’s adjustment. Be upbeat and confident.

Don’t rush. A calm start to the day helps start the day off on a positive note. Get things ready the night before, if possible. Get your child up a few minutes early so you don’t have to hurry. But please don’t be late for school. Children are most comfortable when they enter with their peers.

Sleep, eat and go potty. Being tired or hungry is not a good way to start a school day. Strive for enough sleep. Make sure your child has eaten and used the toilet before leaving home.

Make goodbyes brief. The best goodbyes are short and sweet.

Create goodbye rituals. To help make leave taking fun and predictable, try making up a daily goodbye ritual. Rub noses, kiss each other three times, slap high fives, etc.

Make a plan. Trust your child’s teacher and follow their lead. If your child is experiencing some transitional separation anxiety, your child’s teacher will call you to make a plan.

Know what’s in a classroom. The more you know about what your child does at school, the easier it will be to connect in conversation before and after school. Each classroom has a block center for building, a book corner for listening to and looking at books, a playdough table, a sensory table, an art center and art project table where there will be a daily art project, as well as free art materials such as scissors, markers and tape, a science table, that holds items for exploration and discovery, a manipulative area that contains table toys and puzzles, and a dramatic play corner that holds dress-up clothes, babies and toy food. As you head to school you can ask about the color of the playdough or wonder together what the art project will be. When school is over you can ask if your child built with blocks or played in the water table. The more you know, the more your child will feel like you’re a partner in their education.

Know what a preschool day entails. A typical Cherry schedule will include the following routines, varying only in their order and length of time: Circle or group time: Children sit together on a rug while the teacher leads them in conversation about the days or week’s planned activities. Some classes will also use this time for music and stories; others will save music and stories for another part of their schedule. Free play or free choice: Children have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different activities available in the classroom. At this time children can choose to play independently, take turns, or play cooperatively with others. Clean-Up: Children assist their teachers in cleaning up their classroom. While cleaning up, children learn how to plan, organize, and work with others. Snack: As they eat, children learn social and practical skills, such as how to carry on a conversation and throw their cup and napkin in the garbage. Large motor play: Depending on the weather, children will either go to the parking lot play space, the Cherry Town gym, the Cherry Preschool play lot, or Penny Park. Once there, they will run, climb, slide, and pedal as they develop large muscle control, motor coordination and balance.

Follow dismissal procedures. Be on time for pick up. Hand your filled out sign-out slip to the staff member at your dismissal door and your child will be brought out to you. Please leave promptly to make way for the next family.

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your child during this challenging time. We are looking forward to a fun filled school year!

Debbie Boileve

Executive Director