Here is a list of activities available to the children at Cherry Preschool. Included is a brief description of the skills that are being developed as a child explores these activities. In all these activities we have observed children developing their social skills.

Free Art

Creativity, spatial relationships, sharing, cooperation, and developing fine motor skills needed for writing.

Circle Time

Verbal skills, familiarity with classmates, taking turns, listening skills, sitting still, group awareness, respecting personal space, and developing comfort in speaking in front of a group.

Cozy Corner

Literacy skills such as holding a book, turning pages, joy of reading, listening, comprehension, and concept of print.


Spatial relationships, shapes and sizes, measuring, problem solving, classifying, social skills, making choices and creative play.


Process oriented, exploring different media, fine motor skills, creativity, social interactions, observation of different techniques which helps an awareness of different styles.


Exploration, discovery, nature properties, scientific principles, language, fine motor (balance scales, magnets, tweezers, collecting items to share at the table)


Following directions, cooperation, social skills, delayed gratification, turn-taking, and learning rules


Social skills, verbal development, sharing and cooperation, role playing, and fantasy


Classifying, problem solving, one-to-one correspondence, organizational skills, logic, fine motor skills, and math


Introduction to simple rhythms, tune recognition, listening skills, body movement, math, taking turns, and group awareness

Sensory Table

Fine motor skills, social skills, cooperation, comfort, measuring, math and science concepts


Fine motor skills, social skills, cooperation, and comfort