Angie Cora: Assistant Teacher

Angie Cora will begin her 3rd year on the Cherry staff and is very excited to be the Assistant teacher in the Green Room 3 Morning Bridge to Three’s program.  Last year, she worked as a floater in the Orange Room 4 Morning STEM and Red Room 3 Morning Three’s, and as an inclusion Aide in the Red Room. Prior to that, she worked in the Yellow Room 3 Morning Three’s as an Inclusion Aide. She has worked as an aide in the Helping Hands program for preschoolers at an Elementary school in Deerfield and has co-taught art yoga classes for Kids HeART yoga, at a local preschool in Evanston. Prior to having kids, Angie worked as a Human Resources Manager for an Electronics company for many years. She has taken several Early Childhood classes at Oakton Community College, attended Northern Illinois University and is also a Certified Nurse Assistant.  Angie lives in Evanston with her husband and their two children, 12 and 14, both Cherry alums who now attend Haven Middle School.