Angie Cora: Assistant Teacher

Angie Cora will begin her 4th year on the Cherry staff and is very excited to be the Teacher in the Pink Room 3 Morning Bridge to Three’s and Magic Monday program.  Previously, Angie worked as an Assistant Teacher and Inclusion Aide in various programs.  She has worked as an aide in the Helping Hands program for preschoolers at an Elementary school in Deerfield and co-teaches art yoga classes for Kids HeART yoga at a local preschool in Evanston. Prior to having kids, Angie worked as a Human Resources Manager for an Electronics company for many years. She has taken Early Childhood classes at Oakton Community College, attended Northern Illinois University and is also a Certified Nurse Assistant.  Angie lives in Evanston with her husband and their two children, 13 and 15, both Cherry alums, who now attend Haven Middle School and ETHS.